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Telehealth / Online counselling

Telehealth / Online counselling is a convenient and time efficient way of accessing counselling support for a variety of work and life related challenges. However, Telehealth / Online counselling’s parameters may be limited at times and may not replace face to face psychiatric, medical advice or mental health monitoring by a health practitioner. If you need immediate assistance, please contact emergency services in your capital city, or go to our Blogs/Resources page for more information.

Telehealth / Online counselling can sometimes be subject to technical problems that are beyond the control of B OK Psychology. Technical issues can include but are not limited to internet service malfunction, viruses, computer corruption, hacker activity or loss of information.

B OK Psychology has carefully considered the links provided in this website, however, it is the user’s responsibility to evaluate their situation and the appropriateness of the information contained in other external websites

In order to commence a Telehealth / Online counselling session please read the Privacy and Consent Policies before proceeding to book an appointment with the psychologist.